URx 2017

URx 2017 Recap: X = Tech Recruiting
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A Snapshot of URx 2017 Attendees

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URx 2017 was hosted at Lyft and took place May 2-3, 2017, in San Francisco. We wanted to create an opportunity for the UR community to come together, if only once a year, to network and discuss all things recruiting. What was initially planned as a 30 - 50 person event grew to over 200 people coming from as far out as Ontario, Canada. The first year was only possible with the help of many members of our university recruiting community.

Special thanks to Ron Storn, Tracy Jordan, Alicia Montesa, Jeff D’AndriaJose CongAmanda MerriweatherDevon HowlandLinda LydonLinda PerbroMarlene Scherer SternRebecca AndersonVicky Chung and everyone who pitched in or lent a hand!

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May 6-7, 2021

URx Forward is a live online event bringing together our community to be connected, inspired, and prepared for whatever the new realities of recruiting hold for us. Our goal is to equip you with thought leadership, skill-building workshops, and opportunities to connect with the resources that will move you and your teams #URxForward!