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Community Team Welcome

Hey, welcome to the OneReq TA Community team. We are beyond excited to have you! Below you will find some good info to get your acclimated and started. This might also be a link you will want to reference from time to time.
– Wahab

Community Team

The community team is made up of 3 groups that all work super close together and predominantly async via Slack. You can see all team members here.

Member Onboarding Flow

New Member Fills out Slack Form

We send an email

New Member Joins Slack


New Member Joins Slack Slack ” Hi @new_user_name, welcome to the Community . We’re thrilled you’re here!A couple things to get you acclimated!Our mission is to build a diverse and inclusive workforce for everyone (one req at a time).We support and partner with our community (thats you ) of recruiters, talent developers, and employer marketers passionate about making an impact at the entry points of the workforce.
This workspace is built by recruiting professionals for recruiting professionals.
1. Adding what you do (Ex: Technical Recruiter) to your profile is required. Where you work is helpful and a profile pic  would be nice but that’s optional.
2. A few rules: Be Nice, Don’t be mean, and please give & take (ask questions, answer questions, and engage in discussions!) .

  1. One last request, please introduce yourself in the #introductions channel. Tell us where you’re from, what you do, something you hope to get from this community, and anything else you’d like us to know about you.

 You’ve been automatically added to a few channels. To get started some specific areas of interest might be
• #urx-general (for university recruiting)

Plus some newer channels
• #general (for general discussions around talent acquisition) 
• #diversity-inclusion
• #employer-brandingSome discussion channels to check out include #recruiting-products , #recruiting-partnerships, and #recruiting-events.

We aren’t big fans of promos, but sharing relevant events in #recruiting-events and sharing vendor and product suggestions in #recruiting-products is perfectly ok. If you do so elsewhere without much context your message may be deleted.We also have local community channels like #nyc, #tx, and #canada. If you don’t see an open channel for your city, you can request one!

QuestionsIf there is anything else you’d like help with, just message @Bridget King (Leads Community Engagement)  @Michele Tse & @Carolynn Choi (Events)  @Layne & @Kathleen (Community Leads & Conferences) @Char (Exec Director) or @Wahab  and we will point you in the right direction.  Now, dive in and start connecting!”
First Batch of Invitations Setn Sample message from product with waiting list to members of waiting list. Email “We just sent out our first 1,000 invites.
But that’s a tiny fraction of the number of people that signed up for the mmhmm private beta preview in the past few days. The response has been better than we could have anticipated! It makes sense, though: we all need a way to make our new unexpectedly video-based lives better. Mmhmm is already a good start, and we’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeve.

Here are some of our friends taking mmhmm out for a spin on the first day of the beta.

Here’s my new morning routine. I’m completely addicted to this thing.

From here on in, we’ll be sending invitations every day. Barring some big, unforeseen events (and when have those ever happened in 2020?), we plan on getting everyone up and running by the end of this month.
We’re limiting the number of beta testers that we invite in the early days to make sure we have time to investigate and solve any problems that come up before inviting the next batch. All of you are helping us make mmhmm better for the rest of the world. Thank you!

When you get your invite, please check out the getting started guide. When app updates arrive, please install them, and send any feature requests to and any problems to

In the meantime, follow @mmhmmapp on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the latest developments.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and your patience! Those are totally the two best qualities to have this year.

  • Phil Libin”
    Getting Started Post Getting started in the community

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