Slack AMA with Jehron Petty

Catch up on our most recent Slack AMA and read highlights with Jehron Petty, CEO & Founder of ColorStack

We spoke recently with Jehron Petty, CEO & Founder of ColorStack, the fastest growing community of Black, Latinx, and Native American CS students. Jehron was able to chat with all of our Talent Community Slack members in the #ama channel to answer questions all day for another Slack AMA!

Jehron is a recent CS graduate of Cornell University and interned at companies like Two Sigma and Google in both Software Engineering and Product Management, but saw an opportunity to truly scale racial diversity in tech. Jehron is an avid gamer, so when he’s outside of ColorStack mode you can find streaming video gameplay on Twitch.

To read all of Jehron’s highlights of the day, check out our Twitter to read his recap thread!

Thanks Jehron for hanging out with our Talent Community and for your valuable advice. Follow Jehron and check out ColorStack!

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