Our annual conference experience designed to keep our community of University Recruiters, Early Career Talent Developers connected, inspired, and moving forward.

What to Expect at URx Conference 2021

URx Forward is more than just a conference. It is a time for our community to come together. Here is what to expect at #URx21.

URx Forward is more than just a conference. It is a time for university recruiters to come together to share cutting edge ideas and find the tools to elevate your program, network with the UR community, and hear from both company and university partners. 

Opening Keynote

April Curley, a titan in the HBCU community, shares her experience as a POC recruiter, perspective on diversity and HBCU strategies, and so much more!

Breakout Sessions

18 breakout sessions over 2 days centered around Programs, Diversity, and Engagement. You will leave armed with practical advice and experience for how to share and improve your programs and organization. 

Speakers & Networking

Our community is full of great minds from across the country. As a community driven event, all speakers “know the work”. Our networking sessions create a space to meet others in the community “face to face” and build relationships outside of our own teams. 

Partners & Sponsors

From sourcing, to hosting virtual events, to utilizing career centers our partners are here to connect to help you simplify your recruiting process and land the right candidates.  Head over to the virtual expo to meet folks that help you get the job done including @ripplematch, @Cappfinity, @theforge_, @colorstackorg, @hackerrank ,@CodeSignalCom , and @symplicitycorp.

The Run Down

🧘‍♀️ Kick off your day and get centered with “Yoga Flow” on Day 1 and “Putting Gratitude Back into the Workplace” on Day 2. 

💡 Discuss ideas, brainstorm, dive deeper into a session topic, or whatever is top of mind during our roundtables each day. An informal discussion to generate fruitful conversation. 

💻 The virtual environment has opened up the opportunity for recruiters all over North America to join when location may have previously been a factor. Made a great connection at the conference? Started a conversation you want to dive into more? Take it back to the URx Slack channel!

Join us for #URx21, Live and Online May 6–7 2021!

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URx Conference, April  25–26, 2024

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