April 25-26 • Las Vegas

Experience the premier community event for talent management, workforce development, university & emerging talent recruiting. It’s where relationships deepen, partnerships are formed, and community moves us forward!

Bringing together our community of University & Emerging Talent Recruiting professionals, Talent Developers, & our partners to get connected, inspired, and prepared for whatever the new realities of recruiting hold for us. Our goal is to equip you with thought leadership, skill-building workshops, and opportunities to connect with the resources that will move you and your teams FORWARD!


Join these companies and many more at URx!



Unlock professional development opportunities, gain expertise from focused sessions with actionable insights, and learn how to implement them all immediately into your work.


Join a global community of recruiting, talent development professionals and partners passionate about the emerging talent ecosystem.


Hear from industry-leading speakers and leave URx feeling inspired and equipped to tackle new challenges with a different perspective.


Enjoy an immersive experience that offers top-notch development, ideation, community-building, and other surprise and delight moments on-site.


Exploring the utilization of Artificial Intelligence in the context of emerging talent programs. How is this technology impacting the industry?  How do we use it to identify talent, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of recruitment.

Addressing the integration of both virtual and in-person (In Real Life – IRL) strategies in recruiting.

Explore how companies are seamlessly integrating virtual and in-person recruiting strategies. Discover effective approaches to engage candidates both online and offline, creating a cohesive and dynamic recruitment experience that connects with today’s diverse talent pool.

It has never been more important to demonstrate real business impact. Look into data-driven approaches and how analytics can be leveraged to show the tangible impact of your recruiting efforts on business outcomes. How are companies leveraging analytics and metrics to communicate success, optimize strategies, and make data-driven decisions that resonate with stakeholders.

Highlighting initiatives and partnerships aimed at fostering diversity and inclusion within the recruiting process & the impact on business goals. Gain insights into effective strategies for attracting and maintaining a diverse early talent pipeline, and discover how to build impactful collaborations to enhance diversity initiatives.

Navigate the landscape of workforce development and talent partnerships. Learn how to cultivate collaborations that contribute to the growth and success of both talent and organizations, creating a thriving ecosystem that benefits the development of the broader workforce.

Our annual conference is a platform for engaging, thought-provoking conversations and discussions. URx Conference attendees nurture existing partnerships, grow networks and build community.


Featured Speakers

Ruben Harris

CEO, Career Karma

Hasan Rafiq

VP, Organizational Development, Newsela

Julie Eberfield

CEO, Women Who Code

Farouk Dey

Vice Provost for Integrative Learning and Life Design, Johns Hopkins University

Corey Twitty

Global Head of Emerging Talent, Netflix

Hilke Schellmann

Author, Journalist, Professor NYU

Wahab Owolabi

Founder OneReq, Head of DEIB Duolingo

and more!

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Rewriting The Code

Making the tech industry more accessible means leading with recruiting and retention practices that provide consistent support to undergraduate, graduate, and early career women, especially during the critical first decade of their careers. Partnering with RTC offers high-impact engagement opportunities and positions you as an employer of choice for women in technology. One that fosters a diverse, inclusive workspace and commits to ESG and CSR goals.

Attended by university recruiting teams who want to keep their companies moving forward! With a full focus on building the best experience possible, our conferences give you a way to grow  your network, develop professionally and engage with the community.