Effectiveness of the “Rooney Rule” in Tech Recruiting

From the OneReq Summit: DEI In Recruiting. A look at the Rooney Rules implementation in Tech Recruiting. Featuring Adam Ward, Partner, Growth by Design Talent | Mawulom Nenonene, Talent Consultant, LTSE
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The Rooney Rule is an NFL policy that requires every team in the league to interview at least one ethnic minority candidate for a head coach or senior leadership vacancy. How effective do we think it would be to apply this rule in tech recruiting? What if tech companies required at least one ethnic minority be interviewed for all leadership positions, including recruiting roles? Do you think this would be effective? In this session, we will answer the questions above and more. We will explore how effective the Rooney Rule has been in the NFL and what aspects of the rule, if any, can be applied to the tech recruiting industry. We will also dive into how to avoid passive diversity quotas and just ‘checking boxes’ within diversity and inclusion.

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