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INTERNnovation: Nailing your Intern Programs

In this 2023 URx Conference session, seasoned UR experts shared their insights and experiences on how to build out a successful intern program
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Building a successful intern program is a critical component of any organization’s talent strategy, and it requires careful planning, execution, and evaluation. Seasoned UR experts joined this session to share their insights and experiences on how to build out a successful intern program. The panelists discussed key components, such as defining program goals, designing the selection process, creating a structured onboarding and training program, and providing meaningful work assignments and feedback. Additionally, the panelists shared thoughts on best practices for evaluating the success of the program and identifying areas for improvement. Whether you are an HR professional, a business leader, or a talent acquisition specialist looking to build out an intern program, this session is an informative conversation on the importance of successful internship programs.

URx Conference, April  25–26, 2024

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