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Key Learnings from Past Internship Programs to Make Effective Changes and Improvements

Leaders Summit

Symba Co-Founder Ahva Sadeghi leads a conversation on internship program design featuring panelists from Waymo and Robinhood. Learn how you can unravel key learnings from your past year's program to make effective changes and improvements for a successful new internship season.
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How to Unravel Key Learnings from Last Year’s Program to Make Effective Changes and Improvements

Moderator: Ahva Sadeghi (Symba)
Panelist: Alex Helm (Waymo) & Ashley Smith (Robinhood)

Key Takeaways

1. Look for new tools and platforms that recreate the same culture you have in the office digitally

2. Collect feedback from the outgoing intern cohort to improve for the next season

3. Introduce intern pods for interns to connect with each other

4. Host fun and interactive activities to actively engage interns

5. Tools you could leverage this upcoming internship season to recruit and retain next gen talent

Read more about these Key Takeaways here.

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