Kelly Barton

Kelly Barton

University Programs Manager, Duolingo

Kelly Barton is a Talent Acquisition Programs Manager on the University Recruiting team at Duolingo. Prior to joining Duolingo in 2021, she worked for several years in higher education, helping to connect students to experiential learning opportunities through career services and international education. Outside of work, Kelly enjoys solo travel, reading, and going to the beach!

11:25 AM (PDT) - 12:20 PM (PDT)
Poker Stage

Fall Travel is OUT - Building Stronger Pipelines without Campus Recruiting

Want to hire more targeted talent faster without ever going on campus? Duolingo's University Programs team will explain how we have cancelled fall recruiting and hired our most competitive and representative new grad/intern class to date by shifting our top of funnel strategy with targeted, sourced engagement year round.

We will dive into:
1. Sourcing candidates through recruiting partners like ReWriting the Code and Colorstack.

2. Engaging targeted talent in the spring and summer through virtual interview prep summits, "City Events" in summer internship hot spots like NYC and SF, and targeted conference engagement.

3. Leveraging former interns as "Duolingo Ambassadors" for scalable, more authentic campus recruiting efforts. (And keep our recruiters off the road!)