Lauren Berger

Lauren Berger

Senior Manager, Early Career Recruiting, Roku Inc

Lauren Berger is a Senior Recruiting Manager at Roku, specializing in Early Career and Campus Recruiting. In her role at Roku, Lauren is responsible for leading Roku's global university recruiting efforts, managing teams of all-star Recruiters, Coordinators and Program Managers. In her time at Roku, she has built & scaled the intern program, and expanded Early Career Recruiting into new entities around the world. Prior to her role at Roku, Lauren was a University Recruiter at Meta, and University Program Manager & Recruiter for Sonos.

1:15 PM (PDT) - 2:00 PM (PDT)
Main Stage

Expanding Your Reach: Hiring and Scaling Early Talent Globally

Join us for an engaging panel discussion focused on the strategies, challenges, and opportunities involved in recruiting and growing early talent on a global scale. During the session, panelists will delve into various aspects of international recruitment and scaling, including identifying key markets, adapting hiring processes to diverse cultural contexts, leveraging technology for remote collaboration, fostering inclusive work environments, and overcoming legal and logistical hurdles. Through insightful anecdotes, best practices, and actionable insights, attendees will gain valuable knowledge and practical advice to effectively expand their talent pool and drive organizational growth in an increasingly interconnected world.