Melanie Sam

Melanie Sam

Campus Recruiter, CrowdStrike

Melanie is a Campus Recruiter at CrowdStrike. She's passionate about connecting people with amazing opportunities and supporting them in their growth. She's based out in the Bay Area and is currently trying to make the most of the sunshine-filled days!

11:25 AM (PDT) - 12:20 PM (PDT)
Main Stage

RippleMatch | Unlocking Gen Z Talent: What New Data on Candidates Means for Fall Recruitment

In this session, RippleMatch will share the latest data trends and benchmarks from their platform on Gen Z candidates and recruitment landscape, which includes topics ranging from candidate confidence levels, career discovery paths, D&I, candidate experience expectations, and retention. The data insights will be followed by a panel discussion of university recruitment leaders, who will share their perspectives on what these data trends mean for fall recruitment, providing an actionable framework for attendees to set themselves up for success this fall with the latest best practices, processes, and technology.