Mike Goldstein

Mike Goldstein

Talent Consultant, Crossover Performance Group

Mike Goldstein is the owner of Crossover Performance Group, a talent management consulting firm located in Chicago, IL. He offers customized programs to help firms build effective talent strategies with a focus on embedding DEI into leadership development and organizational design. Mike has over 12 years of experience working at several Fortune 500 companies (Walgreens Co. KraftHeinz, AbbVie, Alcon), focused in Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Talent Development, Diversity and Inclusion, and leading Early Career Programs. In his free time, Mike has been involved in sports coaching and has spent over 6 years leading basketball teams and clinics in the state of Illinois, with several of his former players moving onto professional and collegiate-level athletic opportunities. Mike holds his undergraduate degree from University of Missouri-Columbia and MBA in Organizational Intelligence from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

3:40 PM (PDT) - 4:25 PM (PDT)
Poker Stage

Building Bridges: Cultivating Inclusive Cultures and Retaining Underrepresented Talent

In today's diverse workplace landscape, fostering an inclusive culture isn't just a moral imperative—it's also essential for organizational success. However, many companies still struggle with effectively retaining underrepresented talent and creating environments where everyone feels valued and included. This session will explore strategies for building bridges within organizations to cultivate inclusive cultures and retain underrepresented talent.