Natalie Chwalk

Natalie Chwalk

Lead Program Manager, Early Talent, MongoDB

Natalie Chwalk has built her professional career around pillars of curiosity, authenticity, and connection. As the Lead Program Manager of Early Talent at MongoDB, she’s driven by designing and implementing global initiatives that empower and nurture diverse talent. Natalie holds degrees in Human Resource Management, Organizational Leadership, and Labor Studies from Rutgers University New Brunswick. As a certified Mental Health First Aider, one of her primary missions is to instill a holistic and empathetic approach within her workplace. Outside of work, Natalie enjoys hot yoga, attending live concerts, and capturing cherished moments through photography.

10:50 AM (PDT) - 11:20 AM (PDT)
Blackjack Stage

Discussion Group: Nurturing Gen Z's Workplace Well-Being

Learn how MongoDB is flipping the script on workplace well-being for their interns through the Bloom initiative and how you can create and implement a similar strategy.