Susan (Sue) Brien

Susan (Sue) Brien

Assistant Director, Employer Development and Relations, Duke University

Sue is an experienced Employer Relations professional with 20+ years in mining, developing, and fostering corporate relationships as well as 18 years in Career Coaching. Working within small private to large public colleges and universities has afforded her an opportunity to understand the importance of building relationships across the organization connecting employer partners to faculty, staff, student organizations, and clubs to ensure the best experience for both the employer and students.

In May 2019 Sue began her career within the Career Services and Professional Development team at Duke University. She is the industry liaison for data, tech, and engineering roles, and is happy to connect you to colleagues within other industry pods. Sue feels fortunate to be immersed in a career where she can take her love and strength for meeting and connecting with people and assist those early in their careers in finding opportunities to start their professional life.

2:50 PM (PDT) - 3:35 PM (PDT)
Blackjack Stage

Building Better Employer Engagements Through Career and DEI Collaboration

Building strategic relationships with employers is critical for connecting students to opportunities and showcasing the strengths of our university. A coordinated approach between Career Services and DEIC offices can enhance employer engagement and offer a more holistic view of our institutional assets.

This session will outline key benefits, and expected outcomes from fostering greater collaboration between our offices when engaging with employer partners.

By leveraging the combined capabilities of our offices, we can deliver higher value to employers, students, and our university. This collaborative approach will showcase our institution's strengths while meeting the engagement needs of our partners.