Tag: Diversity Recruiting

Oct 02
Leveraging ERG Ambassador Programs for Enhanced Candidate Engagement

Takeaways from an insightful discussion with OneReq community members on engaging your company's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) or Affinity Groups to connect with late stage candidates.

Jul 19
5 strategies to Build a Pipeline of Diverse New Grad Talent

With university recruiting season upon us, many organizations are looking for better ways to build a pipeline of diverse technical talent. We’ve put together our top five tips for creating a process that allows you to expand your reach to more non-traditional candidates and reduce bias, without compromising time-to-hire or creating a bottleneck.

Jun 02
Diversity 102: The Next Step in the Conversation

You’ve laid the foundation, you're committed to ambitious goals, now what? Join this panel for conversions that are focused on diversity, equity and belonging as our panelists reflect on what events have proved to deliver the best ROI? Who are the best partners within and outside your organization? Learn about how best to leverage tools & platforms and what metrics to track.

Feb 25
5 Strategies for Running a Successful DE&I Recruiting Initiative

Asana’s apprenticeship program provides opportunities to technical candidates from nontraditional and underrepresented backgrounds. And, it works—AsanaUP has a success rate of 82% when it comes to converting apprentices to full-time software engineering roles. Read what advice they have to offer other talent leaders looking to run a successful DE&I recruiting initiative.

Dec 13
In Conversation with HBCUs

A wide ranging conversation from the 2021 URx Leaders Summit on all things related to recruiting at HBCUs with Leonelle Thompson (Langston University), Melissa Knight (Howard University) and Lavonya Jones (Morehouse College). Moderated by OneReq Founder Wahab Owolabi.

Oct 08
Extending the Hiring Bar

Corporations are holding themselves under a DEI microscope looking to diagnose issues and create change within their organizations. The attention typically starts with recruiting, where we need to rethink the way we approach hiring bars if we are to drive any meaningful change.

May 26
Fireside Chat with April Curley

In a live conversation at URx Conference 2021 we discussed; 📍 April’s experience as a POC university recruiting professional focused on diversity recruiting. 💡 April's perspective on diversity & HBCU recruiting strategy. 🌟 Whats next for April!

May 24
Building a Diverse Workforce through Early Talent ID

Have you thought about building an early-ID program for freshman / sophomores but not sure where to start? Join the early talent team at IBM to hear how they successfully created a diversity focused early talent identification program, IBM Accelerate, from the ground-up. This session will focus on best practices when designing a new program, lessons learned and the importance of developing future talent early.

May 24
Recruiting the Rainbow

URx Conference 2021: Sourcing diverse talent is a challenge. LGBTQ+ talent is no exception. In many cases it can be more difficult to find these candidates due to stigma, fear and a lack of resources. In this presentation we will cover the best approaches to locating and utilizing LGBTQ+ talent pools to pull from a diverse group with intersectionality across race, gender identity, veteran status, age and more.

May 24
How Peloton Ensures Their Hiring Process is Fair

This session focuses on Peloton’s approach to DEI, and how they create a consistent hiring bar and establish a more inclusive candidate hiring process. We’ll discuss their top data points that help candidates build confidence in the company, why these data points are important, and examine fairness in assessments in more detail.