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The sum up:

Ripplematch is a Virtual recruiting Software that qualifies and sources applicants to create matchups between early career talent and university recruiters, companies and small businesses. Their focus is on diversity, pipeline building and finding talent that accurately reflects the needs of each position.

The low-down:

Our members loved the ease of adaptation and user friendly mechanics of the Ripplematch platform. The high quality of candidates the software generated and the focus on diversity were also called out by members as reasons to believe.  And the standout aspect of the software is the “matchmaking” functionality between talent and positions which reduced the time needed to source talent.

Some recruiters from mid-sized companies remarked that the price tag is a little high, but the availability of the Ripplematch team for one-on-one consultations and their personal approach were important balancing factors in deciding to use the product. But overall people were struggling to find “cons” for our reviews.

One feature members particularly liked were the virtual events hosted by the platform to enable recruiters to work remotely to talk to talent in real time. Because they could track, contact, and schedule calls from the platform, seamless pipeline building held a lot of appeal to our members.

Across the board the ease of use, seamless pipeline building and Ripplematch team scored high giving the company an almost unanimous 5 star rating from OneReq members.

Who it’s for: Recruiters, University Recruiting managers, Recruiting Coordinator,

Key Features:

·  Matchmaking software that can pre-qualify talent for specific positions

·  Activity and Applicant Tracking

·  CRM

·  Communication Management

·  Diversity focused Assessments

·  Matching Engine

·  Pipeline Management

·  Resume Parsing

Pros (What Members loved) 

·  Ease of use

·  Continual updates and improvements

·  Sourcing very high-quality, targeted candidates

·  Efficiency and speed of sourcing and qualifying candidates

Cons (What Members not-so-loved)

·  The lack of access to graduate, hard sciences students

·  The inability  to see full scope of candidates you have engaged with after each engagement ends

·  Seasonal feel with varying consistency in quantity of candidates on platform throughout the year



OneReq Rating

5 out of 5 stars
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