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The sum-up:

CodeSignal is an assessment platform for tech hires that provides a shared, real-time coding environment to predict a candidate’s skill, potential, and job performance.

The low-down:

Members love Codesignal for its ease of use and shared coding experiences, pre-screens and live interview capabilities. Larger Enterprise recruiters appreciated that the platform is designed to take high volume pipelines through the pre-screen process with top-of-funnel evaluations. The comprehensive coding problems and testing environment were also mentioned multiple times as effective, efficient ways to evaluate candidates. And some reviewers thought Code Signal’s Tech Screen coding environment was just plain fun.

There were very few flaws flagged by users, mostly centered on a desire for even more frameworks and non-technical assessments. But overall this hiring platform got top marks for providing a faster way to funnel top talent and then offering a coding experience that is easy to score and use as a real predictor for performance.

Who it’s for: University Recruiters, Large Enterprise, Recruiting managers

Key Features:

·   Pre-Screen with our top-of-funnel evaluations for high-volume pipelines

·   Expert live interviewers who serve as product experts

·   Full-service tech-screens available from 70+ language and framework options

·   Shareable results

·   Online proctoring, ID verification, and multiple plagiarism checks

·   Predictive Coding Score™ for benchmarking against the global developer population

·   Live interview capabilities through the platform

Pros (What Members loved) 

·  Coding Score and ability to use it before resume review

  The ease and accessibility of working with CodeSignal team

·  Ease of use overall

·  Utility in evaluating early talent professionals at the top of the funnel

·  Comprehensive tech assessment capability

·  very intuitive and fun to use

Cons (What Members not-so-loved)

·  Not enough non-technical assessments

·  Export functionality upgrades

·  High price tag for smaller enterprise

·  The problem library seemed to have a lot of very easy or very hard problems, harder to find intermediate tasks



OneReq Rating

4.5  out of 5 stars

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