What is a Company Story Profile and how do you write it?
OneReq will arrange a meeting with the major stakeholder(s) in your organization to find out who you are, what you stand for, what you do, and what you can offer recruiters and the recruiting ecosystem. From this engagement, we will create an inspiring, reader-friendly article about you for sharing across all your platforms and inclusion in one of our newsletters. If you are a Community Partner, this article presenting your company will also be permanently on our website for people to read, access and click through to your own site.

How Much does editorial support cost?

This depends on how you choose to use our editorial support team. We combine strategy with powerful copywriting to give you the most effective assets to support your brand. A simple article on a product launch or event will be a quicker turnaround and lower price point than a brand-defining Company Profile article or a suite of strategic brand assets.

Can I use the editorial team to look over and refine assets I already have?
Absolutely. This kind of creative consulting can be very time and cost effective if you already have strong articles and stories ready to share.

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