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Adapting Your Recruitment Practices to Succeed in a Changing Financial Climate

In 2022, companies and recruiters are facing challenges in the financial macro environment just as they head into the fall recruitment season. How can you and your team creatively adapt to these changes (which could be affecting headcount, budget, team bandwidth, and more), and get ahead of the game?

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Tuesday, August 9th

Hear from panelists Alison Rivera, University Recruiting Senior Manager at SiriusXM & Andrei Coso, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Northeastern University, as they share their insights and experiences navigating multiple recruiting seasons of uncertainty.

In this session

  • An interactive data presentation on what university recruiters are prioritizing in Fall 2022.
  • Panelists Andrei Coso and Alison Rivera looked ahead to the Fall 2022 recruitment cycle, discussing hurdles such as headcount, budget, and diversity-related challenges.
  • Having panelists from both sides of the university recruitment table to lead the discussion allowed us all to broaden our perspective, and consider how both students and recruiters are reacting to the changing market. 

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