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Elevating Tradition with an AI-Driven Twist

Leaders Summit

From the 2023 URx
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Ahead of 2024, there’s an intriguing paradox facing many university recruitment teams. In pre-pandemic fashion, recruiters are going back to campuses, embracing large-scale conferences, and returning to physical offices — with mixed results and sentiment. At the same time, teams are grappling with a tech revolution, with many figuring out how to incorporate emerging technology like AI into their everyday workflow and recruitment strategy to make their processes more efficient and remain competitive in the face of rising candidate experience expectations.

Even with the familiarity of campus and in-person events, the strategies of leading teams are consistently shifting to keep up with new innovations and Gen Z dynamics, making it clear the playbook of yesterday is firmly in the past. In this panel discussion, RippleMatch’ Director of Community & Insights, Kate will sit down with several UR leaders as they share how they are elevating time-tested recruitment approaches (or leaving them behind altogether) with the key innovations of 2024, providing insights into the strategies that will shape the recruitment landscape in the years ahead. Explore this exciting intersection of tradition and technology, where the ‘basics’ are being redefined, and where recruitment enters a new era.

Picture of Katelyn Peker

Katelyn Peker

Director Early Career & Diversity Recruiting, MongoDB

Picture of Leo Cortex

Leo Cortex

Global Head of University Recruiting, HubSpot

Picture of Kate Beckman

Kate Beckman


Picture of Travis Khuelig

Travis Khuelig


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