High-Performing Lean UR Teams – Startups to Mid-Size Companies

Interviews, on-campus recruiting, onboarding, intern program events, mid-point check-ins, oh my! Hear from Gusto, Roku, Quora and Zynga on how they've managed it all with a lean UR team.
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Moderator Highlights

  • In handling demands/excitement from leaders and business units, capitalize on current goals/plans for the year to be able to prioritize how we can drive decisions. 
    • Being transparent around bandwidth and timeline of when we can drive new additions.
  • For headcount planning, being able to utilize data on how early career talent can benefit the teams and sharing success stories. 
  • Before thinking about what else we can add to our program, have a strong foundation of the fundamentals we need to be successful (ie. Interviews, OCRs, Strategy Planning).