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Paving the Way: Building a Successful Returnship Program

In this 2023 URx Conference Session, Panelist Cat Pederson discussed the design and success of CDK Global's Returnship Program.
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In 2022, CDK Global launched its inaugural and wildly successful Returnship Program. The CDK Global Returnship Program is built to recruit talented people who had taken a break from their careers for caregiving and reconnect them with the modern workforce. Doing so not only taps into an incredible talent pipeline of excited and hungry professionals, but also encourages and contributes to a diverse workforce. I am lucky to not only be the Leader Recruiter for this program, but also the Program Manager. In this session, I’d introduced attendees to our Returnship Program and the tools we used to kickstart this initiative, the building blocks to creating a successful program (you’d be surprised to know that your Internship Program probably already has some!), and the results of our first summer with this courageous population.

URx Conference, April  25–26, 2024

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