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Putting the Talent Back into Talent Acquisition

Leaders Summit

A relationship-based approach to emerging talent recruiting. From the 2023 URx Leaders Summit.


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In a world where AI, automation, and efficiency dominate conversations in emerging talent recruiting, the relationship aspect can become an afterthought. However, incorporating relationship-based, high-touch approaches to talent acquisition can generate high ROI and irreplaceable value. Featuring guest speaker Molly Gregware, Director at Early Career Recruiting & Programs at Bill, this case study will focus on Bill’s continued involvement in CodePath’s Internship Connection Program, an 8-week career prep intensive focused on launching Black, Latino/a, and Indigenous students into technical internships, and share best practices on how to strategize, operationalize and increase ROI for high-touch emerging talent recruiting initiatives.Takeaways:

In this session you will :

  • Understand the importance of having a balanced portfolio that includes high-touch and scalable initiatives for emerging talent recruiting.
  • Learn strategies to maximize the short and long-term results of high-touch, relationship-based recruiting programs.
  • Discover ideas to mobilize other departments within the organization to support emerging talent recruiting efforts.


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CodePath is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that brings together employers, students, and colleges to eliminate inequities in tech education, diversify the field, and provide underrepresented students with a path toward economic mobility and generational wealth.

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