Unconscious Bias: Starting with YOU the Recruiter

From the OneReq Summit: DEI In Recruiting. A conversation on confronting your own unconcious bias as a recruiter featuring Sean Page, Senior Recruiter Propel & Jose Guardado, Founder & Principle Build Talent moderated by Wahab Owolabi Founder of OneReq.
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How likely are you to effortlessly connect with a candidate that you could see yourself hanging out with? Who has given a resume another look because the candidates’ name, school, or background is similar to yours or relatable to something unique about you? As recruiters, we serve as trainers, guides, and initiators within diversity, equity, and inclusion so it’s important to be aware of our own unconscious bias. In this session, we’ll discuss how to recognize your unconscious bias, the multitude of ways (both positive and negative) it can impact your role as a recruiter, and tools to regularly check and ensure you are not letting it prevent equitable outcomes in your work.

About the Speakers

Sean Page is a Senior Recruiter at Propel, a fintech startup. Prior to Propel, Sean served as a Talent Brand & L&D Manager at Webflow, a non-code startup. Sean is passionate about the intersections of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), recruitment, and learning and development. He throughly enjoys building empathy centered candidate experience programs. He often delivers trainings to Hiring Managers and recruiting team alike on bias, diversity sourcing, interviewing best practices, and more! He often supports engineering, design, product, sales, and customer support teams. Follow Sean on Twitter: @SeanTalentW.


Jose Guardado is the

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