Attending Our Virtual Conferences & Summits

We host our virtual Conferences and Summits on Hopin.

Our Recommendations:

  • Hopin works best on Google Chrome
  • Make sure that no other tabs are open and that all notifications are silenced
  • Make sure you are in a place with good lighting
  • Hopin does not have virtual backgrounds 


  • When the event is live and it’s time for you to appear in a Session, head to the Sessions tab and find the Session you’ll be speaking in
  • Click Share Audio and Video at center of the Session screen
  • If you haven’t allowed access to your camera or mic in the event, you will be prompted to do so at this time
  • Once you see yourself on screen, you’re live to the audience
  • [For those who are presenting] Click on the computer icon to share your screen

Things to know:

  • Attendees will be invited to ask questions live or via chat 

Attendees: Navigating through Hopin

Reception: If you want to know what’s next on the agenda, come back here to find the schedule.

Profile: Update your picture and add your full name to “First Name” and company to your “Last Name” field so people know who you are repping. 

Ex: First Name → Kathleen Merto | Last Name → (Cloudera / URx) 

Networking: This is where you will have the opportunity to connect 1:1 with other attendees, and have real time, virtual conversations! You do not need to use audio / video for networking.  If you’re not comfortable networking via video, you’ll have the option to turn your video off and just connect via audio.

Stage: This is where you will find our Keynotes and live messaging from the URx Team. A 

red “Live” message will appear everytime someone is presenting on the “Stage.” 

Sessions: This is where you will find our sessions listed by title and time. Unfortunately, these sessions are not in alphabetical order, but are listed chronologically. Note that once a session has finished, it will automatically disappear from the tab. 

Reminder – in order to record each session, Hopin only allows for 9 people on screen.

If you want to participate during the Q&A, click Share Audio and Video to chat live. If there are already 9 people on screen, please wait for someone to drop off, or you can comment and ask questions via chat. 

Recordings: All “session” and “stage” presentations will be automatically recorded.  

Chats: “Event Chat”- You can chat with everyone who is attending the conference.

“Session Chat”- You can chat with attendees in the session you’re currently in. 

  Use these chat rooms to comment or ask presenters or the URx team any 


Polls: A red dot will appear everytime a poll is posted, so be on the lookout to answer a few of those!

It’s best to have open in only one tab or window. We know you want to join a few sessions at once, but during practice sessions we experienced audio / lagging implications for logging into the same event on two tabs. Treat your attendance as if you were in-person at a conference – you can’t be in two places at once.  And remember – all sessions are being recorded and will be sent out! 

Social Media: Show us how you’re participating in the summit! Throughout the event, take a selfie and post it on LinkedIn, Twitter & IG with the event #hashtag

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