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Mar 20
Membership FAQ

Who are your members? Our members are made up of talent acquisition professionals the majority of whom work within companies. We have dedicated PRO spaces for University Recruiting, Diversity Recruiting, & Recruiting Operations with additional functions to be added.  Additionally our community ecosystem includes recruiting vendors & partners who become members via our community partnership […]

Feb 02
Attending Our Virtual Conferences & Summits

We host our virtual Conferences and Summits on Hopin. Our Recommendations: Hopin works best on Google Chrome Make sure that no other tabs are open and that all notifications are silenced Make sure you are in a place with good lighting Hopin does not have virtual backgrounds  Instructions: When the event is live and it’s […]

Oct 13
Editorial Guide

Thank you so much for your interest in writing for OneReq! We’re excited that we’ll have the opportunity to share your insights with our audience. In this document, we’ll go through some background of who we are, who you’ll be writing for and why they’re looking for content, as well some information that will help you to craft your article.

Apr 10
Take The Stage At An Upcoming OneReq Event

We’re looking for speakers who bring a unique focus, new perspectives, and fresh ideas to the recruiting industry.

Sep 29
OneReq Cafe in Ten Thousand Coffees

Connecting with other OneReq members to diversify your network, brainstorm ideas, share challenges and uncover opportunities is important to our community. That is why we partner with Ten Thousand Coffees to provide an easy way for our members to do just that. OneReq TA Community Cafe An online platform that provides a hub for our […]

Aug 14
Getting Started: OneReq Slack Community

Getting the most out of the OneReq Slack.