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Join Us as a Speaker at the 2024 URx Conference

URx Conference is unique in that our speakers come from our community. We want to hear from you, the people doing the work with the real navigating our shared challenges & opportunities.  As we return to an in-person format, we’re looking for passionate emerging talent recruiting industry professionals to share their voice & expertise on one of our stages!

Speakers receive a 50% discount on registration and in addition, other attendees at your company will receive a 10% discount on registration costs.

This year we are particularly looking for proposals and speakers interested in the following areas:

Leveraging AI & Emerging Technologies

Exploring the utilization of Artificial Intelligence in the context of emerging talent programs. How is this technology impacting the industry?  How do we use it to identify talent, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of recruitment.

Blending Virtual & IRL Recruiting Strategies

Addressing the integration of both virtual and in-person (In Real Life – IRL) strategies in recruiting.

Explore how comapnies are seamlessly integrating virtual and in-person recruiting strategies. Discover effective approaches to engage candidates both online and offline, creating a cohesive and dynamic recruitment experience that connects with today’s diverse talent pool.

Showing Business Impact with Data

It has never been more important to demonstrate real business impact. Look into data-driven approaches and how analytics can be leveraged to show the tangible impact of your recruiting efforts on business outcomes. How are companies leveraging analytics and metrics to communicate success, optimize strategies, and make data-driven decisions that resonate with stakeholders.

Diversity Recruiting Programs & Partnerships

Highlighting initiatives and partnerships aimed at fostering diversity and inclusion within the recruiting process & the impact on business goals. Gain insights into effective strategies for attracting and maintaining a diverse early talent pipeline, and discover how to build impactful collaborations to enhance diversity initiatives.

Workforce Development & Private Public Partnerships

Whether you have a proposal in mind, or would like to be considered for placement on a panel, please share your interest with us by March 1st.

URx Conference, April  25–26, 2024

If you’re a professional or partner in the emerging talent and university recruiting industry, and you’re passionate about diversity and inclusion, employer branding, and the entry points of the workforce, the URx Conference is designed for you!

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URx Conference, April  25–26, 2024

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