Category: Tech Recruiting

Jun 01
ChatGPT for Recruiters

A look at how recruiters can leverage ChatGPT with content creator Jim Stroud including a worksheet you can use to begin leveraging the technology yourself.

May 10
From Student to Superstar: Perspectives on How to Find Your Next Great Technical Hire

In this URx Conference 2022 featured discussion, we bring together perspectives from a Dean of a College of Engineering, recruiter, and engineering manager to share insights on how the broader hiring team can improve their process. 

Mar 16
How to solve the growing skills gap

What if employers could flip the script and adopt a train-then-hire model that enabled them to foster their own ‘supply’ of skilled early talent?

May 25
Navigating Clubhouse – Technical Recruiters Edition

What is the new hype of recruitment on Clubhouse (CH)? Jobseekers and recruiters describe CH as the never ending career fair. Since there are many new and untapped capabilities that employers can explore on CH, your recruitment team can be a pioneer on the audio-based beta app. By joining the workshop, you will learn from how recruiters are currently navigating CH and actionable takeaways on how you can recruit prospective candidates!