Category: Recruiting Operations

Jun 01
ChatGPT for Recruiters

A look at how recruiters can leverage ChatGPT with content creator Jim Stroud including a worksheet you can use to begin leveraging the technology yourself.

Apr 10
Hiring Plan: Business Development Representative

A framework for hiring Business Development Representatives (BDR).

Mar 30
Embracing Opportunities for Growth In Challenging Economic Times

When hiring budgets shrink and competition for top talent intensifies, it's crucial for talent acquisition professionals to adapt and transform. Here are 4 practical tips to help you navigate lean times.

Feb 05
Recruiting Operations Community Launch

Join us in LA, SF, & NYC to launch the OneReq Recruiting Operations Community

Jan 26
Hiring Plan: Sales Development Representative

A framework for hiring Sales Development Representatives (SDRs).

Jan 12
4 Tips to Creating a Candidate-First Experience

A Checklist for Reducing Early-Career Turnover

Jan 09
Hiring Plan: Recruiting Operations Manager

A framework for hiring a Recruiting Operations Manager.

Dec 24
The Four Pillars of Recruiting Operations

Diving into the how data, programs, operations, & strategy make up RecOps.

Dec 24
Interview Prep: Recruiting Operations Manager

A guide to interviewing for a Recruiting Operations Manager role

Aug 09
Internship Extension Requests Policy

If you run an internship program you likely have received a request to extend the end date for an intern. This Doc is an outline and template on how to manage those requests.