Internship Extension Requests Policy

If you run an internship program you likely have received a request to extend the end date for an intern. This Doc is an outline and template on how to manage those requests.

Requests to extend the end date for interns is common, if you haven’t received one you will, trust me. The majority of the time, these requests are not business critical but it is good practice to have a process in place to evaluate every request. This ensures that in the event an extension request is granted all stakeholders involved are aware and the proper adjustments are made across internal systems. Below you will find an outline and associated templates to manage internship extension requests. We also find that having a review process rather than unilaterally not accepting requests is easier to manage from your business clients.

Introducing Your Policy

When rolling out the new policy or process, it is imperative you collaborate with the key stakeholders that will be impacted. Typically you will want to align with anyone you are including in review/approval process. Additionally, you should inform the leadership teams of any org that has interns.

Responding to Extension Inquiries

When responding to requests, in one doc or email, you will want to provide all the information the person making the inquiry needs to

  1. Understand your recruiting teams policy on requests
  2. How to formally make a request
  3. An FAQ

Inquiry Response Template

We are happy to hear that you are enjoying having your intern on the team and would like to keep them longer. Internship extension requests must be made a minimum of [x weeks] in advance of your interns scheduled end date. Requests made within [x weeks] of your interns end date will not be considered. Your request must be made formally and approved by ALL stakeholders;

  • Function Lead (CTO, VP, Manager, etc) 
  • Finance Partner 
  • Function HRBP or HR Director
  • Function Legal Partner or Legal Director 

How to Request An Extension for your Intern

To formally request an extension for your intern please [complete this form / send an email] with your request to all stakeholders.

If you additional questions after reviewing the FAQ below, please send [POC] an email.


Recruiting Team


My intern is on a work authorization, are they eligible to be considered for an extension? 

If your intern is on a work authorization, there are additional immigration considerations. For this reason, we cannot offer internship extensions for interns on a work authorization. 

*You can also reemphasize including legal in requests or via the form

I would like to extend my intern’s end date. What are the next steps? 

Please [complete this form / send an email] to make your request.

My request was denied by one of the stakeholders. Are there any exceptions?

If there is a documented business need (The intern is integral to an upcoming feature or product release) to extend an internship, you can escalate your request to your  manager and CTO, as well as confirm with University Recruiting team and immigration to confirm there are no issues with the extension. 

Requests must be submitted no later than [x weeks] before the intern is expected to leave. If you have any students requiring visa authorization, you will be asked to confirm with Legal & HR to that they are able to secure an UPDATED CPT document for the NEW start and end date.  

Sample Internship Extension Form

  • Intern Manager or Requester Name:
  • Team name:
  • Intern’s full name:
  • Intern’s current end date:
  • Requested new end date:
  • Does your intern require an adjustment to immigration status to extend?
  • What is the Business Reason for the extension?
  • Will your intern remain in the [Current] location?
    • If no, where will they be working remotely from?
  • Have you received approval from the following stakeholders before making this request?
    • Legal
    • HR
    • Finance
    • Your Manager

Sample Internship Extension Request Email 

To: Recruiting POC, Legal POC, HR POC

Cc: Your Manager


I am emailing to formally request an extension from the current end date of [insert current end date] to [insert proposed new end date] for [Intern Name].

The business need for this request is;

[Insert Business Need]

This request requires approvals from everyone on this thread. Please reply all to this email by [insert date] either approving or declining this request. 

Thank you,

Your Name

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