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Feb 05
Recruiting Operations Community Launch

Join us in LA, SF, & NYC to launch the OneReq Recruiting Operations Community

Apr 13
OneReq Together: Diversity Recruiting is NOT a Competitive Advantage

Successful DEI strategies should not be a competitive advantage

Apr 13
OneReq Together: Addressing our Systems

Buidling institutional relationships with HBCUs, HSIs, bootcamps or non-traditional institutions? Do you have an org-wide Diversity & Inclusion function and how do you partner with them?

Apr 13
OneReq Together: Change Happens Together

OneReq Together: Change Doesn't Happen Alone Sourcing Gain insight on how to augment current sourcing strategies. What are the most effective partnerships? How can LinkedIn be used differently? Attracting As an individual and as an organization, signals are constantl

Nov 17
URx Meetups

Connect with other passionate recruiters and talent developers in your city.

Nov 13
URx Roundtables

Discuss timely subjects unique to local regions