Tag: Recruiting Programs

Oct 02
Leveraging ERG Ambassador Programs for Enhanced Candidate Engagement

Takeaways from an insightful discussion with OneReq community members on engaging your company's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) or Affinity Groups to connect with late stage candidates.

Nov 16
URx Roundtable: Building an Early Career Recruiting Program (Session 2)

So You're Building an Early Career Program. A Virtual Learning Series for Establishing Your Campus Recruiting Program & Strategy

Oct 24
Sustaining Buy-In for Your Early Talent Programs

Trying to convince your CHRO or VP of Talent to continue supporting your early talent program, regardless of COVID or recession? Watch this URx Roundtable session to learn just that from experienced leaders - Richard Cho, Chief Recruiting Officer at Gem, and Emil Yeargin, VP of Talent at Gusto.

Feb 01
Referral Program Guide

Referrals can be a recruiting team's best friend and arch nemesis. Check out this template for driving a referral program.

Dec 13
Taking the Extra Step: Leveling Up Your Program

From the Program Managers & Leads Track of the 2021 URx Leaders Summit. A discussion on taking your University & Early Career Recruiting program to the next level featuring Alyssa Saviage (Adobe), Lindsay Hickok (Box), Jeanie Arciaga (Roblox), Nuray Molla (Tesla)

May 31
Beyond the Events: Running a Successful Structured Intern Program

Events are a big part of Intern and New Grad programs, but there's a lot more that makes a program successful - especially in the time of Covid! Join a panel to learn about different approaches to structured programs, including things like evaluations, partnership with managers, and conversion offers.

May 31
Solving Pain Points of the Recruitment Process that impact Candidate Experience

Join Jehron Petty (Founder & CEO of ColorStack, Cornell CS graduate) and Connie Huff (University Recruiter at McKesson) for a conversation centered around what students hate most about the recruiting process — and a live brainstorm session on ways to improve candidate satisfaction.

May 26
Scholarships – Encouraging Students from Underrepresented Communities to Consider Careers in your Industry

Learn more about how the Charles Schwab Foundation partnered with seven universities across the US to help increase underrepresented groups in Financial Planning.

May 26
Preparing Your Interns and New Grads for Day 1 in a Virtual World

Introducing interns to their managers & mentors, scheduling meet & greets with the class and building onboarding plans. Hear from Bose, Workday, Zynga and Ankura on how they prepared their interns and new grads for Day 1 virtually.

May 26
Coming Back to the Nest: Successful Alumni Engagement Drives Career Outcomes

Engaging alumni virtually or in-person is a win for colleges in its own right. But engaging alumni to build recruiting opportunities and empower student success is an even bigger victory.