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Solving Pain Points of the Recruitment Process that impact Candidate Experience

Join Jehron Petty (Founder & CEO of ColorStack, Cornell CS graduate) and Connie Huff (University Recruiter at McKesson) for a conversation centered around what students hate most about the recruiting process — and a live brainstorm session on ways to improve candidate satisfaction.
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Jehron Petty

Founder & CEO - ColorStack


4 themes including 

Students hate completing technical assessments with every application they complete. What can companies do to create less friction to improve this experience?


Students feel as though only their current technical ability matters in the job-search process. This led to the discussion around how we can find the people who are dedicated to your org, want to stay, are they aligned to your mission. Would adding additional questions around interest for your company to your application fix this? 


Talent acquisition is currently seen through the lens of short-term ROI in many cases. UR is a long game, but it’s true leaders are always looking for ROI. Even if a partnership doesn’t produce hire(s) in year 1, what else can you track and what partners within the business can you pull in?


The traditional Campus Recruiting model leaves behind talented students. Benefit of virtual recruiting, employer-hosted career fairs inviting students from different schools and organizations. Also organizations to broaden their reach, and tap into the small populations of students at these regional schools without needing to physically go host a recruiting event

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