Tag: URx

Jun 02
The Age of Efficiency: Doing More With Less

In this URx 2023 Conference Session, early talent leaders discuss how the state of the economy has resulting in operational downsizing, and share their experiences adapting to the impacts of the macro environment on their teams.

May 23
Developing Mindfulness to Manage Workplace Stress

From URx Conference 2023, this interactive keynote focuses on mindfulness to manage stress. In this session we learned how to Identify how stress shows up for us at work, spot the difference between reflection and mindfulness, and to strengthen the skill of staying present from moment to moment.

May 23
Redirection is not Rejection

From URx Conference 2023. A fireside chat between Kimberly Brown, Career and Leadership Expert, and Wahab Owolabi, URx Founder discussing the state of the workforce, cultivating a spirit or resilience, and how to support incoming talent while you may be in the midst of redirecting your own career.

Mar 31
Feb 25
Securing Appropriate Resources for DEI Goals

Inadequate resources can lead to misaligned expectations. In this far reaching conversation with Corey Twitty (Netflix), Ahmad Wright (Packard Foundation), & Farouk Dey (Johns Hopkins) we discuss securing resources for your DEI goals.

Feb 25
Navigating Life as an Emerging Talent Leader

A candid, open conversation about life as a UR Leader featuring leaders from Hubspot, Applied Materials, Nvidia, and Unity Technologies.

Feb 25
A Candid Discussion on Moving an Industry Forward

Featuring OneReq & URx Founder Wahab Owolabi & Chris Motley, Founder of Mentor Spaces a candid discussion on the early career industry & the role URx Leaders can play in moving the industry forward.

Feb 25
Products & Tools: Identifying the necessary from the luxury

An in depth look at the marketplace of tools available for UR Leaders. On this panel we will explore the options across all aspects of a program and how to identify the needs vs wants of your program

Feb 24
Owning Your Influence as a Recruiting Leader

An in-depth conversation with two phenomenal Heads of Talent, Felice Ajlouny & Richard Cho on how UR leader can position yourself within your companies recruiting team to drive maximum results and advance your career.

Jan 20
Leading through Change

From the 2022 URx Leaders Summit. RippleMatch CEO Andrew Myers is joined by the UR Leadership team from Amplitude to discuss how they are leading their team and evolving their strategy in the light of the market slowdown.