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Forage is the pre-skilling platform for early talent.

Driving Efficiency to Maximize your Fall Recruiting Outcomes

Watch this discussion with TA leaders from Squarespace and Visa who will share their perspectives on operating with lean teams and how they are able to succeed, be creative, and build careers for today’s early talent.

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Presentation & panel discussion focused on making the most out of your fall recruiting season! UR leaders from Squarespace and Visa will be discussing the common challenges and pitfalls that lean early talent teams face during fall recruiting season and share a variety of tips & tricks to help those teams navigate the season more effectively.


Kelley Yamate – Early Career Recruiting Lead, Squarespace

Brighid Jensen – Global Head of UR, Visa

Laura Mills – Head of Early Talent Insights

About Forage

With Forage’s virtual job simulations, students can build the skills and confidence they need for career success – before they apply for the role. Each program replicates work at a top company and helps students develop the tools necessary to thrive at that organization.

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