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How to Innovate Campus Recruiting in the Brave New World

In this session, Tom Brunskill, CEO of Forage, will highlight the most innovative approaches to discovering early talent that Forage partners do very differently, so different that they were able to survive and thrive in 2020. Join this session to learn how you too can thwart disruption and ride the wave of transformation into the brave new world of early talent.
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Forage has partnered with the world’s leading companies to deploy Virtual Work Experience programs to over 1.4M college students. During that same time, the Coronavirus pandemic took what would have taken 10 years of change for campus recruiting and accelerated it in 3 months. Now, it may never be the same.

Moderator Highlights

  • Forage works to leverage the playing field for students by providing free college courses
  • You need to ask yourself – do I need to innovate?
  • What worked yesterday won’t work tomorrow
  • It is a systematically uneven playing field
  • By the time a great candidate is in their junior year, the battle for the candidate is already over 
  • Strategies are designed by companies, not candidates

About the Speaker

Tom is CEO and co-founder of Forage, which he started along with co-founder Pasha in 2017. Prior to Forage, Tom was an M&A attorney at a global law firm (King & Wood Mallesons) specializing in cross-border transactions. In this role, Tom realized there was a disconnect between university and the world of work. From here, Forage was born. Today, Forage aims to give all students the means to advance their careers for free. With over 1.4 million students and 75 companies on the platform, Tom is passionate about helping students find their dream careers at great companies.



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