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Programmatic Engineer Hiring – Doing More with Less

Moving from a reactive recruiting model to proactive during COVID-19 and unprecedented times for entry level Engineer roles. How to take a programmatic approach to creating a diverse candidate flow for hard to hire roles and backfilling attrition prior to having vacancies on a very low budget.
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URx Forward 2021: Session

Moderator Highlights

  • Hire Days fill the needs of: quicker time to fill, consistent need for talent, growing pipeline demand, senior to entry point ratio, industry competitiveness, internal growth opportunities
  • Hire Days for Nordstrom typically happen monthly based on business need, and have shifted from reactive to proactive hiring
  • Support for this type of program: recruiters, coordinator, Exec sponsors, Early in Career Community of Practice, Hiring Managers, Engineers (interviewers), Trendsetters (bar-raisers), Managers, Diversity Advocates
  • Hire Day Schedule: (pre-brief for interviews 3 days prior). Day of: kick off from Exec or Leader for candidates, virtual interviews morning-afternoon for candidates/interviewers, afternoon debrief for interviewers
  • Hire Day tools: 
    • Virtual interview tools: CodeVue/HireVue, Bluejeans, Coderpad
    • Internal interviewer tools: Slack, interview guide
  • Hire Days can be applicable to various corporate functions

Speaker: Julie Hetcko

From Midwest roots to climbing mountain summits in the Northwest, Julie Hetcko found her professional calling in Talent Acquisition where she is the Early In Career Program Management Manager at Nordstrom. She has 10 years of experience in recruiting ranging from university settings, international relations, agency recruiting and now inhouse at Nordstrom. She focuses on relationship building with leadership, peers, and candidates to create a first-class recruiting program driven by candidate experience. She is working on constantly evolving and growing their programs inhouse to create a talent funnel for successful succession planning driven by diversifying talent.

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